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LanciatrekLite (formally Lanciatrekdos) works with all Lancia Delta integrale ECU’s up to and including the Evo 1 (plus the HF4WD). It will communicate with the Evo 2 BUT some data displayed will be obviously incorrect. Only Lanciatrek (full version, formally trekWin) supports the Evo2. You will need a Fiat 3-pin to OBDII lead (I power mine from a USB port using an old chopped up USB charging lead) along with an OBDII to USB lead, see the cables section for more details.

Run from a command prompt (not a double click on an icon)
Click here for a 'how to' video

e.g. LanciatrekLite 3
Where you are in the same directory as you stored it and replace the number (3) with the COM port number that Windows Device Manager shows you are using.

Gives readings for:

  • Manifold Air Temperature
  • Throttle Angle
  • MAP1 (incorrect on Evo2)
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine RPM
  • Ignition Advance
  • Ignition Timing Angle
  • Injection Duration
  • VAE Duty Cycle (incorrect on Evo2)
  • CO Trimmer Setting
  • ECU Errors (some incorrect/not showing on Evo2)
Note that most of these values can only have about 240 different values or less across the range.

Also shows if the ECU self checked ok when the ignition was turned on for non-Evo2 models.

CAT option has four Cat related readings

e.g. LanciatrekLite 3 c
Use your own port number and c means include the cat info

  • Mixture Ratio Limit (ok/high/low)
  • Lambda Correction Integrator (%)
  • Lambda Sensor
  • State of Lambda Strategy (Open/Closed Loop)

Fault Code Display

It displays ECU fault codes (UNIRAM 1 to 3 & UNIRAM S) and also translates them into:

  • Air Temperature Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • MAP1 Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • Knock Sensor (ok or knock)
  • Throttle Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • Cam Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • Crank Sensor (ok, short circuit or open circuit)
  • Crank to Cam Pulse Ratio Incorrect (displayed if detected)

Note: Evo2 errors are not supported yet.

Lanciatrek (full version)

Lanciatrek (formally trekWin) is my fully featured tool which works on all integrale's including the Evo 2, that does all the above and much much more including enhanced ECU identification, data logging, fault memory, speed display, diagnostic testing, bad connection helper and runs via a double click in Windows.

Click below for more details. This is the all bells and whistles Lancia Delta integrale ECU Reader Tool.

Support the development of these diagnostic tools

"These tools have been created by an enthusiast for enthusiasts to help them keep their iconic cars running. I don't want to sell these for hundreds of pounds as that defeats the object of me helping, however if you find this useful please consider donating via PayPal using the button above. Donations will allow me to develop it more and also send you a personalised copy of my latest fully featured integrale ECU reader."

May 2020