What it does?

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) in all versions of the Lancia Delta HF integrale has a 3-pin diagnostic connector dangling out of it. This connector is easily accessible in the passenger footwell, within the centre console behind a panel fixed in place with a knurled thumb screw.

The free software available on this website will run on a Windows PC and with the correct cables will allow you to interrogate the ECU to fault find and correct problems with an integrale's injection and ignition system.

All integrale's are over a quarter of a century old and as such they suffer from failing wiring, bad earths and sensor issues caused by general wear and tear and the natural ageing process. The integrale was an early adopter of electronic injection and ignition and pre-dates the use of the, now industry standard, OBDII interface. This means unlike most other vehicles on the road, you can't simply plug in a cheap diagnostic code reader to help fault find. The original Fiat FLT Hand Scanners are few and far between nowadays so there was a requirement for some custom software to be created to fill the void. You have found it here!

Whats in name?

My range of integrale diagnostic tools were loosely based on a program called Startrek which was designed to connect to the Fiat Coupe 16v (which used the integrale Evo2 P8 ECU and ignition system) and the software looked rather like a control panel from Star Trek (hence the name). As my version developed into the software thats located here today it has gone through numerous re-writes and has had various names, all based on the original 'trek theme.

The various versions have now been focussed into two distinct programs, the free 'Lite' version, LanciatrekLite, which runs from the Windows command prompt and offers basic functionailty and the registration only fully featured version, Lanciatrek which runs from a double click.


Compatible Cars

Both LanciatrekLite and the Lanciatrek fully featured version seem to connect to all the Lancia Delta Integrale ECUs as well as the HF4WD and probably 1.6 HF Turbo i.e.(not the carb version) tested so far.

Compatible Chips

Even ‘chipped’ cars normally retain the Lancia diagnostics. A mapped chip normally changes only fuel injection, timing, peak revs, boost etc so the diagnostics will still be working.

Compatible Computers

This has been tested on PCs from Win2000 through to Win10 and the CPUs need to be x86 based (AMD or INTEL CPUs). Laptops running XP or earlier will normally have to have drivers manually installed, but I found that Win7 onward should download the correct driver automatically when the USB lead is plugged in. It can be plugged in and the driver(s) sorted without being near the car.

Compatible Cables

You need an OBDII to USB KKL lead (409.1 KKL if possible and can include VAG-COM leads). They will normally work or can usually be made to work. All the programs are now written to work with both the FTDI and the CH340 chips. Before connecting them to the ECU and your laptop, check the power polarities are correct as per the relevant OBDII wiring diagrams online.


Check Your Leads

Before getting hold of Lanciatrek you need a working USB to Fiat 3-pin cable, see this video for how to test your cables so you know they work with your car. For more information and the complete Lanciatrek cable guide click here.

Lanciatrek Diagnostics

Just a quick video done in my garage late one night to briefly show you. A better one should appear in the future, showing more. Reads a Lancia Delta Integrale ECU WH4 type, recognised and displays the ECU code and vehicle model as well as setting up the screen for that model.

Lanciatrek on the Evo 2

The software should now read the ECUs of ALL Delta Integrale ECUs and identify which one you have. All you need is a Fiat 3-pin to OBDII lead (I power mine from a USB port using an old chopped up USB charging lead).

How to run LanciatrekLite

The free version 'LanciatrekLite' (formally known as lanciatrekdos) runs from a Windows Command Prompt, this video shows you how. All you need is a Fiat 3-pin to OBDII lead (I power mine from a USB port using an old chopped up USB charging lead).