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Lancia Delta integrale ECU Reader?

The full version of Lanciatrek reads ALL Lancia Delta integrale ECU’s (plus the HF4WD) from 8v to Evo2 and everything in-between, and will identify which one you have. It runs from a double click in Windows. All you need is a Fiat 3-pin to OBDII lead (I power mine from a USB port using an old chopped up USB charging lead) along with an OBDII to USB lead, see the cables section for more details.

Lanciatrek is available from me (coxeey), via e-mail at lanciatrek@gmail.com.

Lanciatrek will do all that LanciatrekLite does but will also:

Enhanced ECU Identification

The engine ECU broadcasts an identifier at power on, this information is a stream of bytes which once decoded provides the details of the vehicle that the chip was originally configured for. This extended information will include something like:

55 B3 80 91 9B Delta integrale Evo1 16v non Cat

Note that it is common for chip tuners to modify a base models chip for use in later editions of a car. So it is not unusual for an 8v integrale to be identified as an HF4WD if it is running an aftermarket chip. Equally you may find an Evo 1 is identified as a 16v integrale (narrow body) for the same reason. This is not a problem, as most of the differences are in the map data, which is all the tuner tends to modify. Standard, Lancia factory chips will always be identified correctly.

Sample Rates

You can configure on/off any of the sensor readings other than RPM. The less channels that are sampled, the faster the sample rate of the data you are interested in. By sampling the sensor data more often you capture events on a finer timescale.

Fault Memory

All pre-Evo2 integrale engine ECU's lose their error states once the engine is turned off. If you have an IE light then it means the ECU has recorded an error whilst it is active, turn the ignition switch off and that is lost. This is fine for major faults, but can be a pain for intermittent ones.

The ECU repeatedly samples the sensors detecting any out of range values (typically open or short circuit) and stores a count of these 'events', once a consecutive number of these events have occurred (256) the ECU then flags an error state and illuminates the IE light on the dash.

However, with an intermittant connection the ECU may first indicate an open circuit (no signal) then suddenly indicate a short circuit, forgetting the earlier open circuit. Lanciatrek logs and stores each error as they occur within its Fault Memory. This way you can see the transitions within a log file, as they happen. This is where Lanciatrek's Fault Memory comes in handy.

Data Logging

The logging feature allows you to record the engines operation in realtime and is particularly useful for detecting intermittent issues or problems which only occur in specific circumstances.

It constantly scans a user selectable set of sensor values and saves them to a CSV file (to the folder where Lanciatrek is located). CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and is a standard file format that can be imported into MS Word, Notepad or most usefully a spreadsheet (MS Excel) for graphing.

Whilst logging you can hit designated keys to mark the log for easier identification of where in the data an issue is recorded (marks spiking).

When logging it will save the maximum and minimum values seen while logging to the same file or a separate max/min file. Max/Min values can be viewed, saved or reset without turning off the ignition.

If you are logging then when quitting the program, it will save logged values. The file name is automatically formatted as YearMonthDateHoursMinutesSeconds for identification purposes.

Speed Display

By pressing 3, 4 or 5 will bring up a screen that will give you speed (mph) in all of the gears. and then an option to pick out one gear as well.

This feature assumes standard gearing and original wheel/tyre sizes but these can be changed by editing an advanced configuration file.

Diagnostic Tests

When the engine is not running there are a suite of tests that can be performed:

  • Run Fuel Pump for 30 seconds
  • Cycle the VAE (idle speed control valve)
  • Cyclically Fire Injectors
  • Cycle the Overboost Valve
  • Cycle HT Leads*

All the tests can be repeated 'n' times by pressing the space bar 'n' times once its started a test, eg 30 seconds running the fuel pump (approx) can be 2 minutes by running it then press the space bar three more times.

* Cycles each HT lead one at a time, on the Evo2 it cycles the leads in pairs (waisted spark) cycling the first pair a few times then the second pair.

Bad Connections Helper

The bad connections helper (wiggle test) can continually monitor wiring to the:

  • Air Temp Sensor, giving the number of times scanned, ECU value, temperature and resistance of it.1
  • Coolant Sensor, giving number of times scanned, ECU value, temperature and resistance of it.1
  • MAP1 sensor, giving times scanned, ECU value, atmospheric pressure.
  • MAP2 sensor, if applicable, giving atmospheric pressure.
  • Throttle Position Sensor displaying number of times scanned, TPS angle approx voltage.2

1 The Evo2 seems to insert ‘get-you-home’ numbers if the sensor gets disconnected. Look only for a few degrees difference or sudden changes in tune with the wiggle test. Other models will show more extreme differences.

2 The TPS tester will, for a short period of time, continually scan and display the TPS angle, number of times scanned at that angle and approx voltage. This value should be a steady value when the gas pedal is not used. If you slowly press it to full throttle any TPS angle less than a previous one will be highlighted in white to indicate a bad reading / noisy track.

New values are also displayed and if a value changes then it beeps the bell function for an audible alert on your computer too (for temperature and pressure sensors, there is no bell for the throttle movement).

Lanciatrek Config File

The configuration file allows you to configure various settings and default values within Lanciatrek.

You can display KPH instead of MPH, enter your own speed per 1000rpm that relates to your gear ratios and tyre sizes. You can also change when displayed values change colour, for example setting the coolant sensor value to go red at 100 degrees. For more info, click below.

Fiat Diagnostic to OBDII Leads

To connect Lanciatrek to your cars ECU you will need a couple of cables, click below for all the details.

Register as a Lanciatrek User

Lanciatrek is my fully functional Lancia Delta integrale ECU Reader and Logging Tool. This version is fully featured and is only available direct from me (coxeey) to those who donate towards this project. Contact me for more details.

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