Advanced Configuration

Lanciatrek Config File

The configuration file allows you to configure various settings and default values within Lanciatrek (full version only).

You can display KPH instead of MPH, enter your own speed per 1000rpm that relates to your gear ratios and tyre sizes. You can also change when displayed values change colour, for example setting the coolant sensor value to go red at 100 degrees.

Name and Location

The file is a simple text file named trekConfig.cfg and should be located in the same folder as the Lanciatrek exe file. The configuration file is optional, but the software uses it if it finds it.

As standard there will be a file named QtrekConfig.cfg provided with Lanciatrek. Rename this file, removing the Q if you want it used, rename it with the Q if wish to revert to the default settings (the file is then ignored).

Look at it with a text editor and carefully change values. Any text editor is fine, like Notepad on a Windows PC.

Configurable Options

The file is configured with values in a specific order, you must only edit the values. Do not delete, insert or add any lines of text, just alter the numbers at the start of each line.

  • 2   (Number of MAP sensors fitted. Values = 1 or 2)
  • 0   (Number of Cats fitted. Values are 0 = not fitted or 1 = fitted)
  • 1   (Number of HT systems, normally 1 but 2 for twinspark EVO2)
  • #
  • # Manifold pressure display colours, normally GREEN (minus atmospheric pressure for Boost)
  • #
  • 2200   (YELLOW from this, 2200mBar default)
  • 2500   (RED above this value, default 2500)
  • 5000   (WHITE from this, default 5000, in case you are red/green colour blind)
  • #
  • # Revs display colour
  • # (GREEN is normal)
  • 5500   (YELLOW from this)
  • 5750   (RED above this)
  • #
  • # Coolant temperature display colours
  • # (GREEN is normal)
  • 99   (YELLOW from this, 99 default)
  • 107   (RED from this, default 107)
  • 130   (WHITE above this, default 130, in case you are red/green colour blind)
  • #
  • # Air temperature display colours
  • # (GREEN is normal)
  • 56   (YELLOW from this, default 56)
  • 66   (RED from this, default 66)
  • 100   (WHITE above this, default 100, in case you are red/green colour blind)
  • #
  • # Speed units display
  • # Not a conversion...just prints 'mph' or 'kph' on screen)
  • 1   (1 = mph displayed, 2 = kph displayed)
  • #
  • # Choose values for these to match your mph or kph selected above
  • # These below are the mph/1000, replace with kph values if you like
  • 6.2   (First gear speed per 1000rpm default 6.2)
  • 9.9   (Second gear speed per 1000rpm default 9.9)
  • 14.4   (Third gear speed per 1000rpm default 14.4)
  • 18.8   (Fourth gear speed per 1000rpm default 18.8)
  • 23.7   (Fifth gear speed per 1000rpm default 23.7)

The Advanced Configuration options are only available within trekWin, click below for more information.

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